Last Snow from 2017

As most Canadians, we are anxiously waiting for the arrival of spring. The official first day of spring came and went and still the temperature has not gone into the high single digits.

The arrival of the first snowflake is an event to look forward to. We make good use of snow and entire industries click into action and you have ski resorts, hockey games etc. We do not allow the snow and chill to bring us down.

However, after the first few days when the ground is blanketed in pristine White snow, the mind ignores its presence as the streets get mushy with salt, grime and snow. It is no longer as attractive. On the runup to Christmas, there is again a desire to see snow for a White Christmas.lastsnow.JPG

By end of February, most people start to long for Spring. If the temperature does not go to the double digits by end of March, it could push some people to depression. Especially those who do not ski, skate or enjoy the outdoors in Winter. It is like cabin fever.

Since the last fortnight, the snow stopped falling and I had started cleaning my yard. At first there was a big ridge of snow on my deck. This morning, it had shrunk to a small piece the size of my palm. Let us call it Snowball. Throughout the winter Snowball stood guard along with the larger snow ridge on my deck. One by one, Snowball lost his friends until he stood alone today. Snowball stood alone and kept shrinking over the week.

Today we expect rains and I am sure that Snowball will be washed away. Over the next few weeks, Snowball will be forgotten as the lawn turns green and the flowers bloom.

Snowball had been fighting to survive and today is its final day to be around. As I saw Snowball this morning, I felt the need to memorialize it by writing this blog in honor of Snowball. We will soon welcome Spring and the next winter will arrive and deposit a fresh batch of snow. At the end of next winter, I will once again see the lone fighter holding ground until Spring melts it away.

This post is dedicated to Snowball – Past, Present and future. Rest in peace!

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