That one time my dog caught a frog

In the late 90’s I got married and we got our first dog. We just called him Doggie. He was a mutt but we loved him and he was a very good dog. Unfortunately he died in two years but we have some amazing memories of him.

Doggie got his first bone when we visited my in-laws.  That day we had a great time and when it was time to go home, we remembered that Doggie had been very quiet. We found him in a corner of the yard, chipping away on the bone. I called for him to go home with us but he did not respond. I then proceeded to pull his leash and he got angry for the first time ever! At that moment, I understood the phrase “a dog with a bone”. We had to carefully work to get him to leave the bone. Finally after half an hour of cajoling, he decided to give up the bone. He dropped it on the street and proceeded to piss on it and then walked away with us.

The other great memory was when he chased and caught a frog. The frog was under his paw and he did not know what to do with it. He would lift his paw and the frog would jump and he would catch it again. Finally, he decided to roll over the frog and the frog managed to escape.

This brings me to the point that reminded me of the frog incidence. Last night on CNN, I heard Van Jones say that the Trump administration has so much garbage and while we try to follow bird shit to bird shit, a new one comes up. They were talking about the Stormy Daniels incident and the off the cuff announcement of Steel tarrif and North Korea meetings.

For context, the Russians meddling has been proved not only with DNC hacking but also Facebook and Twitter. It has also been proven that they hacked election databases and systems. It has also been confirmed by Intelligence agencies that it may happen again. Yet, Trump has not imposed sanctions approved by the Congress. They have not spent the $140 million allocated to remedy the cyber infrastructure and safeguard elections. Trump has not ordered his counter intelligence officers to counter the Russian efforts for the next elections. Also, despite the Putin boast of Nuclear powered missiles, Trump has not uttered a word against Putin.

In this case, I think Trump is the frog and the US Congress is a disinterested dog. The Law enforcement is the dog that has so much evidence and has still not penalized the suspect. If we go by the frog incident, in the end, all those Trump loyalists in the administration may end up burning their career prospects, accumulating debts on legal fees while Trump may walk away from the burning ruins he leaves behind. At this stage, I am anxious to see that the hand over of power to the next President does happen and that it will be peaceful and orderly.

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