He had just returned home from dinner and getting ready to go to bed. He happened to step into the balcony of their 30th floor apartment. He got a surreal feeling and looked up to see the shape of a large space craft silently gliding onward. As the space craft approached the mall about a kilometer away a much larger mother ship revealed itself allowing the space craft to dock.

Survival-Chaos.pngHe looked down below and saw the mall parking lot in a melee. Humanoid armored beings were clashing with the people. Many people caught unawares were running while a few others used whatever weapons they could get and fought the aliens. While panic was setting in,  he glanced below to the entrance of his apartment and could see a few armored aliens approaching.

Survival instinct clicked in. He first switched off all the lights and then unbolted the door but left it closed. He wanted to create an illusion that whoever lived there had abandoned the home. Next he expanded the collapsible ladder and put it against the wall so he could climb into the space above the bathroom. He had prepared this space for exactly this kind of situation. He took some packaged food rations and moved it to this space. Then he collected his laptop and phone and climbed into the space and pulled up the ladder, collapsed it and stored it away.

Next he proceeded to move to the back of the space and then, from the floor he propped up an artificial wall and pushed it forward to cover the opening and screwed it into the sides. Now from outside it seemed like it was a regular wall, thus concealing his presence. He then booted up his laptop and started monitoring the tiny cameras he had installed in the house to see what was happening outside.

Just then he felt humid breath on his face and woke up to his dog licking him awake. It took him a while to realize that what he just experienced was not real but a dream. He got up and looked at the bathroom and there was no space above the bathroom. He also remembered that he did not have a collapsible ladder.  His mind had conjured up all that was required to flee from danger. The dream was so real that it took a little while to come to senses.

Filed under:Conjure, Surreal, Panicked, Nightmare


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