This is an experimental blog post to see the power of things related to Trump. If you are here reading this, it means you are counted. You have been added to my statistic of Trump attraction. Now that you are here, enjoy. There is something for everyone. Trump lovers as well as Trump haters!!

Things Trump has achieved!

  • Signed more bills than any other president in the first six months
  • Border crossings have dropped
  • Haiti refugees are running off to Canada
  • Appointed Neil Gorsuch to Supreme court
  • Dismantled Obama era regulation
  • Withdrew from Trans Atlantic partnership
  • Withdrew from Paris accord
  • Trump has reversed policies:
    • Now federal contractors need not disclose and correct serious safety violations.
    • Now Internet service providers need not get permission from customers before sharing personal data like their web-browsing history.
    • Now some people with mental illnesses cannot be blocked from buying guns

How Trump entertained us:

  • Tantalized us while announcing his pick of Neil Gorsuch like Realty TV. He even had the other contender come over for the announcement.
  • Famously had Mitt Romney over for Dinner and did not give him the job!
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t voluntarily leaving the Apprentice, he was fired by his bad (pathetic) ratings, not by me. Sad end to great show.
  • Pushed aside the Prime Minister of Monte Negro in the NATO summit for a photo op.
  • Awkward long handshake with French President Macron
  • Got his cabinet members to take turns on camera praising him.
  • Got Rex Tillerson to come out specifically to tell the press that the president is a great man!
  • Alluded to calm before the Storm while posing for a picture with military families but refused to clarify further leaving every one pondering what will happen next!!!


For non Americans like me, it is great fun to watch what is happening but at the same time, if America’s enemies misinterpret this unconventional president, all of us are going to be in big trouble!! Might as well chill and enjoy life while it lasts!!

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