WWE style politics

We are probably witnessing the slow conversion of politics from an intellectual activity to a spectator sport like the popular wrestling matches. Players have larger than life and loud personas. Prematch events include loud boasts and threats to rile up the spectators and the match itself would have been predetermined and consist of moves that are popular with the spectators so that they can go home happy.

Today Trump made a press statement after meeting Putin at G20 and he essentially said that they talked of many things, many good ideas, positive things will come for both countries. This statement is as good as a non statement. There is nothing in it.

The build up before is showing Putin as arch enemy and master manipulator (in western press) and Trump as unprepared for the meeting. The press has billed the meeting as crucial and media hosts are talking to the usual talking heads with questions like: “What would Americans expect as an outcome from this meeting”., “Would it be o.k if Trump did not bring up the Russian meddling in the elections”., “Would Putin trick trump in to relaxing sanctions”?

The press is unwittingly playing a role in promoting the larger than life persona and facilitating the process of dumbing down the quality of Politics. What other choice do they have if people have elected these free wheeling leaders to office of importance? The press cannot ignore their shenanigans.

Millions of people across the planet are copassengers  are impacted by what these jokers decide be it the environment or another war.

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