In my early blogging days, I had written about my furry Friends – Ruffy and Corrie. My dogs are now 5 years old and that is equivalent to being a teenager.

Standing: Ruffy, Sitting: Corrie

It is summer now and both are having a great time chasing squirrels, birds and imaginary enemies. They have friends (Charlie and Coco – two Labs next door) whom they routinely call and rub nose across the fence.

Corrie loves a particular stuffed toy and would try her best to hide it some where in

Corrie trying to hide her favorite toy.

the house so that we cannot find it. Daily after dinner, she would bring the toy to me so that we can play. I would pretend to steal the toy and she would growl and ask me to throw it. After fetching it thrice, she will hide it some where in the house.

Ruffy is not much interested in the toys. His life is food centric. He loves ice cream and yogurt. Daily at lunch time, he knows that he can get a spoonful of Yogurt if he was at the right place at the right time. He loves peanut butter and his favorite is to finish his meals and try to get something out of Corrie’s plate.

This is how Corrie sleeps!!

Corrie is a drama queen. She throws tantrums, hides toys and even when she sleeps, she is dramatic. Ruffy on the other hand is very silent and prefers to sleep under cover. Corrie follows me around the house and always wants me in her line of sight. The thing about these two is that they love unconditionally and live life to the full.



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