About Being Human Vs. Animal Spirits

being humanThe latest farce of a budget proposal presented by the Trump administration basically says that we should cut all safety net and social support in order to get people to work. The tax payer should be respected and their money will no longer help the poor and needy.

Having dispensed off the societal responsibility, the cost savings will be given off to the rich as tax cuts. The government has to be small  and the regulations have to be slim.  The philosophy is “Don’t burden the business in its quest for profits”.

It is easy to take the basic necessities of life for granted until it is taken away. Imagine a day with out electricity, internet or water? The government was born out of the need to make sure that an impartial custodian would oversee the use, distribution and consumption of resources and ensure peace and equitable organized growth of the society.

In the quest for greater profits, companies have no Qualm“>qualms in reducing labor force and salaries through automation and outsourcing. Activist hedge funds are taking over good companies and forcing them to cut costs, tighten employment norms and remit more profits. Meanwhile, as they make mega profits, they spend money to lobby the government to further reduce taxes and regulations.

The sad irony is that people use their vote to elect their representative to the government but the representative is funded and owned by corporate lobbies that pervert the whole process. The result is populist election campaigns with broken promises and further dilution of regulation and tax breaks to the rich at the cost of the poor and middle class. Would this not lead to social unrest?

Once the health care bill is passed and if any of the elements of the proposed budget is passed, it would mean that anyone born with congenital problems would die, single parent with sick kids would not survive, regular families with sudden accidents or catastrophic events may find it difficult to survive. Meanwhile, the industry would continue to mint more money, pollute the water and air and plan for their next wishlist. A middle class family that falls into tough times may not be able to recover.

Meanwhile, corporations are growing big and multinational. If the government continues to get smaller, in the foreseeable future you can probably expect multinational corporations to behave like countries or tribes.


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