Makes me wonder

DreamsI had written about a vivid dream in my earlier blog post. That particular dream was unusually vivid and the best thing was that I remembered it. Sadly, now those memories have faded.

I do have dreams every now and then but what I have noticed is that in the dreams, I don’t actually see the face of the person but rather recognize their presence. Some presence are of people that I personally know by name. Yet other presence are of people familiar but I have no names for them.

Another feature of the dreams are that they seem to be like edited film in the sense that situations appear suddenly and locales change rapidly as well as inexplicably. Often it is a given that  I have moved from one location and set of characters to a different one. Most of the times, I am just left with a slight after taste or memory of the dream. Just sufficient to recollect the feeling but not enough to reconstruct the plot.

Dreams have a curious way of incorporating our aspirations, fears and recent events. It seems to me like a theater for the soul so that it can relax after the rigors of the day.

I have two dogs. Ruffy and Corrie. They sleep soundly and have their own dreams. Ruffian goes into deep sleep and then would growl and bark in his dream. Some times, he even moves his legs as if he is running. Corrie on the other hand just wags her tail in a circular motion. Corrie does not seem to have many dreams.

I often wonder what Ruffy is dreaming of? Does he see his siblings or parents? Is he calling out to them? May be he is chasing squirrels in his dreams. Does he see me in his dream? I will never know. What I do know is that it is amazing to watch them dream. Sometimes, I comfort him and he resumes his sleep.

I don’t know if everyone else feels the same way about dreams. Do you dream in color or Black/White? Do your pets act out while they dream?


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  1. Yes-dreams can be fleeting and yet quite vivid, they can be pleasant or disconcerting. There are some dreams you wish would continue but come to an abrupt inconclusive end. Then there are dreams that are really nightmares. It is difficult to know how one’s subconscious works


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