Thinking out loud

Have been off my blog for a while due to my other hobbies. I have a scrap sheet with bullet points of ideas that stood out to me in the recent news and here is some for you to ponder.

The first one is about the sanctity of life. We do take it quite seriously and I am neither for or against choice. What I see is that there is a strong movement to make sure that the unborn is protected. Does not matter if it is a result of an accident or rape etc. On the same token, the same set of people are o.k with a rushed series of execution because the execution drug will expire in a few weeks. In other words, the lives of those convicted are worth less than the drugs. Like wise, the same set of people have now decided that maternity care is not a priority and can be dropped from health care subsidies.

The next one is about capitalism. The chest thumping belief that regulations are bad and that the market will decide and guide capital and the economy seems at odds when we look at the banking collapse. If we followed true capitalism, we would have had the courage to let the chips fall where they may. If share holders lose money, then it is the risk that they have taken. However, now that tax payer funding has bailed them out, we are back to repealing regulations. So basically, what we have is pseudo capitalism.

The next one is about tobacco industry. If we really believe tobacco is bad, then the right thing to do would be to shut down the cigarette factories. However, we take the approach of taxing the product as much as we can. In the end it comes down to argument about how many jobs will be lost. Interestingly, the same argument is used to prevent clean tech from developing because old polluting energy business will lose jobs. It is perverse in the sense that in this case we do not want the market to decide. So we have the strange situation where Coal is being provided a leg up with roll back of environment legislation while subsidies for electric cars will be cut.

Finally, how can one avoid talking about USA these days? From the outside, it seems that Projection is more important than Reality. Projection is being seen as creating an illusion of doing some thing (whether it is real or not) where as Reality is what is actually done. A good example is the victory lap yesterday for – “make no mistake – this is Repeal and Replace of Obamacare” while the bill is still not completely approved and has many hurdles to cross.


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