Monumental leadership and policy failure

This century has seen leadership and policy failures being repeated and lessons not learned. The result is more than 65 million people displaced from their homes and countries. These are vulnerable people who are being rejected and looked down upon by other jurisdictions where they seek refuge. Forced to an alien land with alien language and alien culture, 65 million people are struggling to lay a foundation for a future for themselves.

We invented money as store of value. The idea seemed smart and led to progress. However, progressively, the quest for money replaced human relationships, honesty, sincerity, sense of duty and in some instances patriotism and basic human decency.

The quest for money bought the British to colonize, pillage most of the globe. The colonization led to a whole lot of problems including creation of hybrid cultures, artificial boundaries for countries, partition and displacement of humans for slavery to the Caribbean and other countries. The African slave trade is a dark chapter in our civilization history. Putting a monetary value on a human life and trading it as livestock is the ultimate abandonment of basic human decency.

We now have Brexit and the driving force behind the movement is that Britain does not want foreigners. The irony of the situation is that it was Britain that colonized the world and spread English, court system and education. If it was good enough for Britain to conquer nations far and wide and impose their culture and values on them and loot the wealth and treasure of those nations, the immigration from the erstwhile colonies that provides labor and pays taxes is not something to complain about.

Likewise, human decency and sense of justice was dispensed with when the West propped up dictators to control oil. Again the motivation was money. The fall of the Shah of Iran and  Saddam Hussein created an imbalance that has fed into security problem for the whole world. The quest for wealth justified defective policy decisions that did not take into account the impact it would have on the local population. As long as a dictator plays ball, we can turn a blind eye to the atrocity he commits on his citizens. He is a super villain and has to be thrown out if he refuses to play ball. This kind of policy has created the 65 million refugees that we see today. Refugees that no body wants.

There would be a special place in hell for those leaders that take these kinds of decisions because every single life deserves a chance to meet its full potential and live a happy life. When you talk of 65 million such lives displaced and many losing their life as they flee these conflict zones, the magnitude is mind boggling if you have a conscience. If leaders don’t have a conscience, they are on an ego trip displaying their might and enjoying the impression of power that they project on the lesser mortals.

Which god would be happy to see this happening to its creation? If there is god, would these perverse leaders not be punished in a special place in hell?

Meanwhile our greed for money is continuing to lead us to avoid taking care of the environment. This can be seen in the politics surrounding emasculating the EPA and the politics of tax on pollution or the persistent efforts to drill for oil in the Arctic. So for now, the message is that to survive in this world one has to forget all values and focus on the bounty that you can make if you compromise your ethics and values. Think short term because in the long term we are all dead.

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