Spring to Fall


Yet another Spring has come and gone. Here in Canada we look forward to the Spring and watch the snow slowly melt to show frozen grass that slowly thaws and comes to life. Bare branches on trees show buds slowly filling the tree with tiny green leaf. The stark white background slowly transforms to reveal black streets, pink paved driveways, red sloping roofs and the early Crocus heralding the arrival of Spring.

A Blue jay decides to visit us

The Squirrel comes out of hibernation. I must correct my self here. The Squirrels have been quite confused the last few winters due to erratic weather and have been seen up and about even in the winter. The healthy squirrels look forward to Spring like us. This time of the year we get busy with spring cleaning. Yards are cleaned, leaves from the last fall are raked and disposed off. The deck is cleared and patio furniture come out of storage. The mandatory Barbecue is checked to ensure it is functioning. The pool is reopened to expose Green algae filled water. Nature triumphs against chemicals used to suppress the algae when the pool was closed for winter.

Ruffy and Corrie go out for the first time in Spring 2016

Before long, everything falls into place and the lawn is lush and Green again and the temperature raises to the balmy double digits. Our dogs are most thrilled at this transformation. It also means that they will meet their buddies again when they go to the leash free park that was closed for winter. Winter clothes get packed and go to storage while spring and summer clothes come out. Overall it is an environment of optimism, renewal and the promise of greater freedom to enjoy the outdoors.

The Canada Geese has arrived for Summer

This spring followed the same script as before. Days slowly started getting longer and we had a great time. Here are some pictures from the last fall to this spring.

Bikers come out in droves to enjoy the open roads in Summer
A native wood sculpture in the park against a fall background
You can see fall colors appearing. Soon the trees will be bare and ground covered in Snow
Backyard all set for this winter

Now we hunker down waiting for the winter but there is plenty to look forward to. The first is Halloween followed by Diwali and then by Christmas. These events will take us into January which is the most boring month because there is nothing to do and it is cold outside. People tend to binge watch TV during this time or take the much deserved vacation in some tropical location. Arrival of March kicks off much needed optimism and everyone looks forward to the next spring.

We Canadians know how to enjoy  winter. Ski slopes are in business and hockey season is in full swing. Public skating rinks open and there are lots of courses for people who want to learn how to ski or skate. Underground malls in Toronto’s path system ensure that office goers are kept motivated. True Canadians enjoy every season. Hockey and skiing in winter. Baseball, basketball and Camping in Summer.

This reminds me of good old Dublin. Starting last week of November, you can really feel the onset of Christmas in Dublin. Walking through Grafton street you can smell the aroma of pastries cooking in the bakery (I think it was Mark & Spencer). Music all around and lots of people milling around St. Stephens Green adding to the festive feeling. Another favorite memory is of visiting Nolan’s at Howth during this time because they had the best Christmas pudding and the store had a divine fragrance of baked goods.

Here’s to looking forward to the season of festivals and the onset of winter.


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