No Man’s Sky – Part II


In Part I, we saw how we can repair the star ship and launch our adventure. In this session we will tackle expanding your star ship slots.

STAR SHIP SLOT EXPANSION: The fastest way to expand the star ship slots (Max slots = 48) is to buy a star ship from alien merchants. However, there are a few problems with this approach. Firstly, the star ships you encounter may not have max slots. This means what ever units you have saved will be spent on a star ship that you will eventually scrap in favor of another that may have more slots. Secondly, the ships cost a lot of units. Typically above 48 million. So it is technically possible to use this approach but practically impossible.

Why do I need max slots, you may ask. There are two reasons. Firstly, the more slots you have the more material you can carry for sale or consumption. For example, if you are in a resource rich planet and mine the materials, you can carry more materials with max slots and make fewer trips to the trading station. Also, with max slots, you are able to fully equip your star ship with weapons, shield and fuel optimization technology and still have plenty of slots left for carrying materials.

Star Ship with Max slots (48 slots)

If you look at the image above, you can see that only three slots contain materials such as Zinc, Platinum and Emeril. The rest are empty or contain ship functionality. The exclamation marks indicate need to repair technology. If you have 48 slots, it guarantees you that you will have a fully functional ship and still have maximum possible slots in the game to carry materials.

The other way of expanding your star ship lots is to find crashed star ships and repair them (as shown above). The game is programmed to show you crashed ships that have either +/- 1 slots as compared to your current number of slots. For example, if your star ship has 26 slots, the crashed ship you find will either have 25 or 27 slots. If you come across a crashed star ship that has lesser number of slots, you can use the opportunity to make some units. You can strip the star ship of its equipment and carry the resulting materials to a nearby trading station and sell it for units. However, to do this you need to make sure that you land your star ship within line of sight of the crashed ship or else you may end up losing your star ship.

So how do you find a crashed ship? When  you surf the planet in your star ship, look for structures with a tall tower similar to one shown below:

transimission station.png
A typical Transmission station

Please note that station design and antenna design may vary but typically you look out for structure with a tall antenna. Avoid the ones with a dish antenna or oscillating dish radar. Once you enter this structure you will find an circular interface on a stand that will allow you to solve a mathematical progression. If you solve it correctly, it will provide you with the location for a crashed ship and mark it on your screen with a hexagon symbol as can be seen in the above picture. You follow this hexagon until you find the crashed ship but the hexagon will disappear once you reach the crashed ship. That is why it is important to land within line of sight  of the crashed ship.

PS4 Controller.

Once you land on the crash site, go near the crashed ship and point at the ship to invoke an interface where you press the box button on your controller. This will bring up a screen that will show the number of slots the crashed ship has and the damaged components. Press the compare option and you will be able to accept the ship. See image below.



If this ship has less slots than your star ship, you may want to strip it for resources. Here is how you do it. Once you accept the crashed ship, select a used slot and press the roller button until the component breaks down into individual component materials. Repeat the process for all installed components. Now select one material slot at a time and keep the triangle button to move it to your exo suit slot. Once your exo suit is full, go to your original star ship and press the box button to invoke the compare screen. In this screen select material slots from the crashed ship and press the triangle button to transfer the material to your star ship. Once your star ship slots are full, press the accept button to return to your original star ship. Head to a near by shelter or trading station to sell all these materials and make tons of units.

If the crashed ship has more slots than your current ship, then you should start by breaking the components in your current star ship into materials as described above, then move those materials to the crashed ship and commence repair operations. Please refer to part I for repair instructions. Now you have a new star ship with more slots and possibly some leftover  materials to sell for units.

This is where you will find that since your exo suit slots are limited and can hold only 250 units of any material, you have to leave a lot of material behind in the crashed ship. Otherwise, you could have been able to sell them for units.

That is all for this post, will be back soon with information on how to increase the exo suit slots.


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