No Man’s Sky – Part I


For the uninitiated, No Man’s Sky is a video game and possibly the first of its kind to offer a space exploration experience combining a sense of adventure, problem solving, strategy and tactic. So if you are not into video games, you may not want to read further. However, if you are interested, you would find a lot of information to improve your own game.

Summary of the game: You start the game by hurtling through space in your space craft only to find yourself crash landing in a planet. This is your first space craft and your home planet and your first task is to fix the craft and head out to the center of the galaxy. The only problem is that you need a bigger and better ship and more supplies to achieve this objective. Along the way you chose to follow the Atlas path to the center of the galaxy or free exploration. You get to explore alien ruins, flora and fauna of various planets and star systems and also get to name the planets and life that you discover on your route.

The currency of the game is an unimaginative “Unit”, however, it does not distract from the economics of buying and selling resources to fund your progress to the center of the galaxy. Along the way at various Atlas stops you gather Atlas stones and on reaching the centre of the galaxy a suspense awaits. No spoilers in this blog so you go to discover it yourself. I have not yet reached the center of the galaxy so cant reliably confirm what I have read else where.

Along the way you encounter and fight space pirates and hostile animal life in the various planets. O.k! Enough of the overview, I want to focus on things that you need to know and cannot easily find because as a true exploration adventure game, there are no instructions or manuals and you need to find things yourself.

How to fix your first ship?

You start the game crash landed on the planet. Your first task is to fix your ship and take off. At the bare minimum, you need to fix your launch thruster and pulse engine. Each ship has a number of slots. You start with 24 slots and each of these slots can hold a functionality for the ship, resource or weapons. These consist of a pulse engine, launch thruster and various shields and weaponry. When you press the touch pad on your ps4 controller, you can see the slots on your star ship. if you press the R1 button, you will see the slots on your hand tool and press the R1 again to see the slots on your exosuit.


Look for the launch thruster slot and click on it with the “X” button. If you have the necessary resources, the component will be repaired. Else you need to gather the resources. In this instance for launch thruster you need four Cartite sheets. Fortunately, you inherit the recipe to make Cartite sheet out of 50 units of Iron. So check your slots to see if you have 200 units of Iron. If you dont have Iron, you walk around the ship to locate stones that contain Iron. When you point your multi-tool on these stones, a pop up will show that it contains Iron.  Press the R2 button to fire your mining beam on the stones to extract the Iron. Once you have 200 Iron, open you ship or exosuit slots and select an empty slot and press the Square button to open up available recipes. Select the Cartite sheet recipe and press “X”. This will create a Cartite sheet and deplete your Iron by 50 units. Make four of these sheets and then select the launch thruster slot and press “X”. Keep it pressed until the game says that the thruster is fixed. Now you need to feed it Plutonium by pressing “X” so that it can start working. Going forward, the craft will deplete plutonium every time you take off and land. You need a steady supply of Plutonium. Plutonium is usually found as red spiky crystals on most planets.


Next you have to repair the pulse engine and you are ready to fly. It is the same process as we used for launch thruster repair but will need the following elements:

-2 Carite sheets (make with same process as same as above)

200 Heredium ( You need to mine them. These are large tubby pillars that are blackish blue in color. Use your mining tool to extract Heridium.

20 Zinc: In most planets, Zinc is extacted from a flower. You will soon get a hang of it after playing for 30 minutes

Once you have collected these elements, select the pulse engine slot and press “X” to repair it. Once repaired you will need a small amount of Thamium to charge and power the engine.

That’s it. you are now ready to fly. Progressively you will explore the planet and repair the various slots on your space craft by collecting materials. Investing the initial one hour mining and repairing your space craft is a great way to understand the game interface and appreciate the possibilities. The maximum slots on starships and exosuits is 48 so you will want to expand your slots by finding crashed ships with larger number of slots and by visiting drop pods to purchase an extra exosuit slot at incremental prices.

In the next post, we will dwell deeper into how you can go about expanding your starship and exosuit slots. We will talk about Shelter stations and Transmission stations. We will also talk about how to acquire product recipies so that you can craft products for the slots using mined materials. Till then happy gaming. I also need some time to figure out how to take screen shots on the PS4 so I can share it here.





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