Fly on the wall

policitcal headerWatching the U.S Elections as an outsider has been a very interesting experience. It is a mixture of anxiety, confusion, amusement and some times, a great sense of disbelief.

One of the reason why outsiders watch the U.S election is because what happens in USA matters to the rest of the world. Imagine an Al-Gore presidency instead of George Bush. Would there have been an Iraq invasion and would we have the resulting complications today? Hind sight is 20/20 but the most difficult thing is to decide at any given moment what you are going to do. We do that by taking into account facts and follow established rationale or logical thinking / deduction process to make the decisions.

I must confess, I have had a great time watching Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah and others having a field day and coming up with great material. There was always a fear at the back of the mind that it is no laughing matter if Trump wins. There would be serious consequences for the world in general.

Watching Donald Trump’s speech is itself entertaining. It is like watching a magician pulling things out of no where. Will he pull a rabbit out of the hat or a penny from your ear? There are audience members who are surprised and taken aback when he makes certain unexpected statements. The video clips of those occasions become viral videos and appear in news programs and late night shows.

Another recurring theme is the need for Trump to have the last word. It has gotten him into trouble time and again but it seems like he will never learn. Imagine being a campaign manager for this candidate? I assume they might be on tenterhooks fearing the moment when their candidate will veer off script and say some thing damaging and then spend the next week doubling down and later pivoting.

Here is what it looks like from the outside. Trump started off by blasting Mexicans and promising to deport, build a wall and make Mexico pay. Next following his image of not being politically correct, the potential commander-in-chief took a fight with a Gold star family. The focus of his speech with regard to the police violence has been to lament police being shot and it would not happen in his watch and does not acknowledge the Black lives lost. His open embrace of the NRA and their support for his campaign is another part of this picture. His misogynistic comments from the past about a news anchor, political rival and women in general is well documented. His pledge to support Coal mining and fracking in the backdrop of current global alarm over climate change and falling oil prices is a paradox in itself.

So, if you look at the overall picture it emerges that majority of Latino voters would not choose him, Veterans and military families would have their reservations, Majority of Black voters would not chose him, majority of people who want reasonable checks on gun sales would not vote for him. The environmentalists would not vote for him and finally women who constitute half the population have been alienated and a good portion of those women would not vote for him.

There has been ambivalent hints at a Pivot on all the fronts but it is still not clear if there will be a full fledged attempt to repair the damage and even if it does, it would probably be too little too late.

This brings us to the final conclusion. This is a greatest reality show on Earth.In my mind, it is a foregone conclusion that he is not going to win. That said, why not sit back and enjoy the entertainment that comes out every day free of charge? Remember Sanjaya of American Idol? People voted him until when it came to the crux, they dropped him like a hot potato. On election day, we will know if Trump is the political Sanjaya and also the future of the world.

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