Dive deep into life

craveWhat does it mean to be alive? It means different things to different people. Some feel alive when they dive from a plane and glide down a parachute after briefly feeling the euphoria, fear and adrenaline pump that comes from free fall for a short while before the chute opens. Yet others feel alive after a great work out when they relax with a protein shake.

What does it mean to you when you use the term “feel alive”? I think this is a fundamental question that we should ask ourselves frequently because it can help us have a more fulfilling life. We could satisfy our cravings and feel alive every day of our life.crave2

For me, some times it is the desire to have a hot cup of coffee while sitting by the bay window and looking at the snow outside. At some other time, it would be the thought of riding my bicycle through the park in a summer day under a canopy of trees. Sitting at a roadside cafe sipping coffee while watching people rushing to work.

At times I go into the world of music for hours together. I listen to all the songs that I like and don’t feel like getting up. Each song takes me to a memory of a time in the past and gives me a slight brush of the feelings and sensations of that time.

Some times an aroma or smell can transport me to a distant memory from the past and ignite a craving for something that I had experienced at that time. Most of all as I get older, I crave for family and friends with whom I grew up. At one time, they were always around and I never thought that there would come a time when I would be so far away that to see them, I will need to travel across the ocean. If I had known, I would have spent more time with them. Now when I get to meet them, we talk about the past. New memories to treasure are far and few. Everyone has baggage, commitments and entanglements and the un-monopolized friendship of the past will never come back.

crave1So I make it a point to celebrate the “here and now”. Enjoy every moment with all those you love. Do things that make you feel alive. There is only so long that you can do anything and afterwards, we regret having missed an opportunity.

Start every morning by thinking of what you could do to make your day exciting and happy and selfishly pursue it. We only live once. Every happy, exciting day adds up to a happy and exciting life when you look back.


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