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For those who have read my earlier posts related to society and politics, you already know my opinion about political leadership of our times. To those that have not read my earlier posts, I can sum it up by saying that most politicians of our time have failed to provide required leadership at all levels. Be it Municipal, state, national or international level. There are cities with rich inhabitants but the city budgets are a mess. There are rich provinces where financial and social inequality remains. There are mineral and oil rich nations where the people still don’t have equal opportunity and economic growth.barack-obama

Things have come to a head in some parts of the world where people have given up on hope and women have undergone sterilization because they cannot afford to have children. Yet in other troubled areas, families have may children (see last paragraph of page 12) and try to escape to a perceived prosperous zone across the seas and in the process losing countless lives. Either way, it is helpless people suffering at the hands of those that were supposed to serve them.

Let us examine on string of episodes to look at the irresponsible and monumental failure of leadership. The 9/11 attacks were terrible and in hind sight, it seems more care had to be taken to deliver a calibrated response. However, the leadership of the time in their own wisdom launched a full attack and removed Saddam Hussein from power. Many knowledgeable people are still not able to connect the dots leading to this decision. The power vacuum created instability and the subsequent wave of instability and insurgence continues to find weak regimes in that area to carve out territories and carry out fanatical objectives.

The sight of migrants dying in the Mediterranean moves most people to offer help first and think later. When Angela Merkel made statements to the effect that EU can take in millions of refugees, the first crack appeared in the EU solidarity. The New year eve molestation of girls in Germany and a few other places added to concern. This was later followed by axe attacks, knife attacks and bomb blasts killing many innocent citizens. This is leading to rethink. Amidst all this, we have forgotten the Greek crisis and most of all the terrible state of Zimbabwe’s economy. Have these problem been solved? Where is the concern?

In this backdrop, I think Barack Obama has been a very responsible and mature leader who has approached the problem with great strategy and surgical effectiveness. The problem we face today was not created in a single day and cannot be solved in a single day. To achieve great things, you need to think, plan, develop strategy, mobilize and implement. Some thing that most politicians do not have time for because sound bites attract ratings.

Obama achieved the goal of taking down the architect of 9/11 and did not brag about it. He took upon himself the task of reinstating international bodies such as UN and collaborating with other nation states towards ushering in an environment of peace so that individual trouble makers would find it difficult to hide under ambiguous grievances. Simultaneously, he also worked on turning around the economy and healing the grievously wounded auto industry. He has provided a steady hand and made sure that the recovery process of the US economy is nurtured carefully. He did not get any support from the house other than hurdles thrown on his every effort.

I praise and admire his leadership in a troubled time also because what happens in USA impacts the rest of the world and by steadying the boat, he helped stabilize the world to a great extent. The current Presidential contest in USA seems quite vitriolic and one side threatens to abdicate global responsibility and restore selfishness and isolationism. The other side promises the exact opposite. The future is quite uncertain, the economies across the world are at the edge or a precipice with sub zero interest rates. This is a time when we need world leaders to re-dedicate themselves to global cooperation, strategic thinking and putting the interest of the people ahead of ego and self interest.

Finally, to the people of America, America has a great leadership role to play in securing a stable future for everyone. America is still the best country in the world and that is why millions flock to America. What you do with your vote now matters even more than ever not only for America but for the world. Think carefully about your wishlist and whom you want to lead your great nation.

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