Flash Back – Pokemon

Flash Back

I took to Pokemon with child like excitement. Over the last week, I have reached level 11. Really happy with the progress but am now starting to stop and look around. A few amazing things have happened.

I have discovered that I have been walking close to 10 kilometers extra every day in my pursuit of Pokemon. My dogs are getting extra exercise because in the evenings they walk with me but also end up coming along on some mornings. Both of these are good effects.

The scary part however is that the Pokemon search tends to make you oblivious of your surroundings. There is a danger of ending up in some secluded area where you may get mugged. There is also the danger of running into a lamppost or getting hit by a car etc.

For those of you who read East End Part I & II, you will have a background to the rest of this post. One of the Pokemon hunts took me to the Danforth park and towards the University of Toronto campus. On both sides of the road, we have woods with clearing and up ahead there is the Miller Lash house and on the way there are tennis courts and a football field.

To catch a Pokemon, you need Poke-ball. To get the Poke-ball, you find a Poke-stop. The game puts Poke-stops on top of monuments. It so happens that there are three monuments. I was following the games and ended up near the first of the monument and  greedily loaded my game with Poke-munition. I looked around to see the monument and it was a small stone structure dedicated to the memory of Lucy Swanton Doyle.

You can see the plaque below. A bit of research on google took me to the University of Toronto Library website where I could find that Principal D.R. Campbell and Mrs. H.D. Anger unveiled the Lucy Swanton Doyle Memorial in the valley as per her wishes. There seem to be photographs of the event, but unfortunately, I do not have access to it.


Even now after dark, this place is very quiet and we have Coyotes and foxes roaming the nightscape. I was thinking of what it would have looked like in the early 1900’s when Lucy was out and about this place. She must have arrived in a horse carriage. Did she live here? I will not know. But I do fancy that she must have lived in one of the older houses near the memorial.

She has a dozen books to her credit and there are a few titles that tackle the problem of alcoholism. I wonder if she hosted meetings at her house with other writers to discuss finer points of the craft. If you look at this old Google archive of the Ottawa citizen, it says that on July 29, 1932 Ms Lucy Swanton Doyle and Ms. Leila Doyle (I assume her sister) motored to Ottawa. I guess that is all I will know for now but the curiosity remains to search for more information and to imagine what it would have been like in those times.IMG_0118

Then I went to the next Poke-stop that was only 10 steps away and there were two monuments. One belonged to James Burke and there was one more small memorial adjacent to it. I plan to research and write about that in my next post.

If it was not for the Pokemon game, I would have walked past these windows to the past without a second glance.

To you, the reader, I request that you leave me a feedback on the size of this post. I want to test my thesis that a post should not be too heavy or take more than 5 minutes to read and absorb. What is your opinion? Can I write twice this length and get away with it?

Until the next post, good bye!



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