What on Earth?

What on Earth_

Ontario shot down the city of Toronto’s request to change the highway transport act to prevent people from crossing streets while Texting. Now take a moment to think about this. You have to tell grown up people that if they text while crossing the street, they will not be able to see any cars coming their way and that they will be hit by a car and could possibly die or become handicapped for life. And while the city is at it, may be, they could spend another million advertising it so that they make sure people are made aware of this new danger.

We are the most intelligent living being in this planet yet our stupidity is such that we drink and drive, we text and drive, We text and cross the streets, we fall down a cliff while taking a selfie, we abuse drugs and the list goes on.

I am hopping mad, Angry and frustrated as I write this blog. I had just finished taking in the news of the attack in Nice ending more than 80 lives. Then I see this tragic news of an 8 year old Florida boy who shot himself to death while playing with a gun in the kitchen. Why do we leave guns within access of children so that we can be shot to death. This is not the first time this kind of thing has happened. Then there is this honor killing in Pakistan.

We need warning printed on plastic packing bags to let us know that it is not a toy and can cause suffocation and death. The latest is the new Pokémon go game with people searching for Pokémon everywhere. All this while I obsess about my investments and retirement funds, Brexit and the prospect of a Trump presidency. I tell myself this is insane.

I am starting to think that we have traded quantity for quality. There are some of us who do all the research and keep pushing the frontiers of technology, these are the really smart ones. Then there are some of us who use the technology for general good, these are the good smart ones. Then there are some of us who will use all progress to make money which ever way we can regardless of the consequences. This include people who thought that making malware is a better way of making money that trying to sell legal software and urging people to stop pirating and actually pay for it. This includes those pesky tele-marketers who somehow believe in a business model that says keep on harassing a reluctant phone owner until he submits to buying whatever it is that your are selling. Imagine the plight of a job seeker waiting by the phone for the important call from a potential employer only to find that every other call is from some telemarketer trying to sell air duct cleaning or an internet phone plan?

All this introduces greater complexity to the age old question “What is the meaning of life?” Really, what are we here for? It is said that a life without a objective is difficult to endure.We all need a sense of purpose for our existence to be meaningful. Does everything have to be meaningful? Why?  Are we inventing new meaningless causes to justify our existence?

Will we wake up somewhere like in Matrix? Or are we in a simulation chair like in Total Recall? The existence of our civilization is not even a blink in the cosmic time scale. We are one of the millions of possible Carbon based life forms. We are intelligent enough to make stuff, powerful stuff. Yet, we are stupid enough to harm ourselves and every living being around us with the powerful stuff we made.

Within our civilization, there are so many societies that are not evolved enough to form even the most basic form of democracy, the cherished ideal of a just society and fall back to authoritarian regimes. There are many societies that are still tribal. Then there is the flora, fauna and all animals that are at our mercy.

Well, I guess it is a mad world and one just has to keep on doing what they fancy. After all, intelligence is relative. We are smarter than all animals so we think we are intelligent. a 1% difference between us and the chimp gives us such a great edge. There may be other life forms more intelligent than us and have probably found a way to live peacefully with each other and be a responsible guardian of their planet and all living things in it.

Anyway, I need to end this rant now. I feel better already until the next news of mass casuality, motivated killing, someone dying while taking a selfie with a crocodile or jumping into a tiger’s enclosure…….Quite disappointing.

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