We woke up to a winter wonderland on 21st December 2013. It was a very enjoyable and wonderful sight that I thought I would never forget. Today, the memories were rekindled when I looked at the pictures taken at that time. I am happy that I took those pictures but also a bit nostalgic that there were many older memories that are not in pictures. Check out the icy Landscape through these pictures.

Japanese Maple

We have a bay window facing the court. When I opened the blinds, I saw the branches of our Japanese Maple covered with a layer of ice. It seemed like some one had coated the tree with a layer of glass. The glass effect was more pronounced because the temperature was way below freezing and that made everything else crisp and preserved the ice on the branches.

Close up view – Japanese Maple – Ice fingers

I took a close up of the branch to see if I could capture more details. As you can see, the ice has coated each branch and also while the Ice rain was in progress, droplets of icy water was frozen forming ice branches facing downwards.

Our weeping Mulberry tree was also coated and seemed to be weighed down by the ice.

Ice coated Weeping Mulberry

The Blue spruce seemed to be like an intricate work of art. Each and every needle was coated with Ice. At some places there was a bit of sagging due to the weight of the ice.

Iced Spruce

Our house backs into a ravine. The backyard has a lot of tall trees and all of them looked wonderful. The trees in the backyard compete for light and had grown tall and slim. As a result of the weight of the ice, there were a lot of broken branches on the ground.

Maple and assorted trees in the backyard

We have a wall of Cedar between the properties. As you can see, the Cedar was weighed down by the Ice. While the Ice show looks incredible, the weight of the ice causes a lot of problems such as broken tree limbs as well as failed ceiling joists that make roofs buckle under the weight of the ice. This is where the roof does not have a adequate slope.

Weighed down by Ice – Cedar

Of course, Ruffy and Corrie were totally amused. Here you see them watching from inside the house. We later let them out but they had a tough time due to the ice. They were slipping and sliding. I found it difficult too and decided to stay indoors until the ice melted.winter9
During this time, lots of electricity poles came down crashing and many parts of the city lost power. Fortunately for us we had our gas barbeque to make tea and cook some food. Many people saw the power outage last a couple of days. Schools were closed and most establishments were closed. All in all, a very interesting period for the family to get together and reconnect. The ice storm was the most memorable of the Seasons.


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