If we were having coffee this morning, I would tell you about dreams. Have you ever had a vivid dream that you woke up from sweating? Not a nightmare but a dream where you seem to have undergone substantial physical exertion navigating the dreamscape?

It happened to me. Once in my teens but by now I have forgotten the subject matter. There is this quality to dreams that you wake up with enough memory of the feeling, emotions, textures and sentiment but not the details. You may remember enough to either smile on a happy recollection or feel a hint of nostalgia depending on the dream residue.

I always attempted to capture dreams to supplement my imagination and provide fodder for my writing but these dreams seem so elusive. Finally, I had a vivid dream yesterday that I still remember but details are quickly fading. As I write, I am digging into the remnants of the dream and must confess it is getting a bit disjointed. I have also chosen to write in the present continuous because some how, I think that it helps unfold the dream much better.

In the dream, I am somewhere abroad and it is a bright sunny day. For some reason, I have decided to take a motorbike ride. I head out of town in great spirits. Revving up the bike and feeling the wind against my face, I am in high spirits and have crossed the town limits and left the built up areas behind. Ahead in the distance are plains and hills. I  am on a winding road flanked by hills on one side and spread out vegetation and trees on the other side. There is a bright yellow line running along the centre of the road separating the two sides, I overtake a car and as I look in my rear view mirror I think I could see the passengers in the car lion.jpgwaving at me. I don’t think much about it and keep going straight ahead and realise that I just went past a huge sign and wondered what was on the sign. I assume it is the name of the next town.

As I glance ahead, at a distant hill it seems like there is a pride of lions sitting just like Simba sitting on pride rock as Lion King. I am thinking, could those be lions? as I approach closer, I can clearly see that they are indeed lions sitting majestically and looking into the distance. They have not seen me yet and if I speed up, I could get past this point. I increase my speed and at the same time see that up ahead a few miles down the road, there is another pride of young lion on the other side of the road. It seems like there might have been a bit of a landslide because up ahead on my side of the road, there is debris.

My mind is racing and my heart is beating fast. If I go back, there are those lions on the hill. If I go ahead, I could skid due to the debris and in any case those lions could easily get me. Now I realise that the people in the car were warning me and possibly the huge sign I missed was probably that of the national park. I panicked I am thinking that I could stop and wait for the car to arrive and hitch a ride and leave my bike there.

Just then I woke up due to extreme exertion of being immersed in the dream. I was sweating profusely and my heart was pumping hard as if I just finished a marathon. This Dream will soon fade away from my memory into nothingness but I will revisit this post and see if I can get back a whiff of the experience. Have you had any vivid dreams? Let us know about it.



  1. I once had a dream in which I was riding the Hogwarts Express (from Harry Potter) and I remember waking up with exhilaration. Yea, the human subconscious mind is a wonder indeed.


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