City of Gold


I had been to Dubai a few times before and it was either to attend the GITEX or a quick visit to see relatives while on a trip to Mumbai. Such trips tend to be short and do not lend to much sight seeing. This time, we were determined to see the famous Gold Souk in Dubai. We reached there by taxi.

The Market has a central walk way that is sheltered by a canopy on a wooden frame. Flanked on both sides by Jewelry shops of all sizes packed closely together. The glitter is fantastic. I had never seen so much gold in so many different shapes in one place before. Take for example the exquisite Gold clutch in the picture above. I don’t know how much it weighs, but it has very intricate features and is entirely made of gold. I am not sure if this artifact is made for display only, or if there are people who actually use these items if not for day to day activity, then at least for some high profile party?

If you look at the top left of the photo, there is a floral necklace made entirely of Gold. Not only is it one of a kind, but also I think such productions would be quite expensive from the labor angle too. Shops make these unique items and put them on display. Not sure if these are made to order and stay in display until the buyer picks it up or if these are out there so that a rich passerby would drop in and buy one of these items spontaneously!!

Here are a few examples of exotic creations. Note the heavy necklaces (or are they body Armour?). Wonder who can afford to buy them and on what occasion can it be worn? What about security?


Another outstanding creation was a huge ring. The size of it was bigger than my waist. Let us say it was made for some kind of super Hulk. The claim to fame for this creation (see below) is not just the sheer amount of Gold in it (I believe 64 kilos) but also a certificate from Guinness book of records that this is the biggest ring in the world. Again, I wonder who is going to buy this and for what purpose? Apparently, the store IMG_0693can afford to keep this inventory on display for ever. All said and done, I was glad that there were people with such enormous resources who will put up a display that I could never afford to see on my own expense in a lifetime.

If so many shops can survive (rather thrive) here and offer such opulence, then for sure there are buyers that are able to support this magnitude of investment. It sure is not for the fainthearted salaried person.

For the average Joe, there are shops that sell standard items like gold bangles, solitairesIMG_0690 etc. So here for the average Joe, a display of Gold bangles.

Enjoy and make sure you visit the Gold Souk next time you are in Dubai. Don’t forget to carry your credit card. Also remember to ask for a boat ride on your way back from the Souk.

Before I forget, Dubai is not only about the Gold Souk. there are plenty of other things to do, landmarks to see. While you are there take in the ambiance and opulence. You wont see this elsewhere.

As for me, I like the wide range of restaurants and visiting the electronics showrooms. I think, if I lived and worked here, I would have a house full of things and no money in the bank!!

All in all, a very memorable city. Look forward to visit again.



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