Trump Triumphs

So the New Hampshire results are out and Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump won with significant margins. That Bernie would win was a foregone conclusion but there was hope that the margin would be slim and help Hilary save face.

After seeing the video clips of Donald Trump being booed by the audience at the New Hampshire GOP debate and Trump telling off the audience as special interest supporters, one would have thought that Trump would not win. it was a resounding result for Donald to win and probably proves him right that the people booing him were special interest and not the general voting public.

On the Democrat side, despite a great background, Hilary Clinton has been struggling to be personable and to capitalize her track record. The email scandal seems to have eroded some sheen and it does not help that she is seen as a career politician and part of the establishment.

The results of the primaries show a range of swings showing public discontent with the quality of service delivered by the elected representatives. The last decade in USA has seen a disharmony between the congress and the president and frequent hurdles to normal business.

It also does not help that Barack Obama promised change in the way Washington works. The voters trusted him with the Presidency. Of course, Barack Obama’s presidency has seen a turn around in the American economy and delivery of a few of the election promises against all odds. However, people got to see that things only got worse when they got to see the spectacle of Congress holding back budget till the last minute. They also saw the undermining of the president when 47 Republican Senators wrote an open letter to Iran warning that any deal they may reach with Obama can be overturned by the next President with a stroke of the pen.

 It is the inability of the elected representatives to jointly recognize challenges and deliver solutions on a timely manner that has led to the belief that an outsider is needed to clean things up.

As Michael Bloomberg observed, the quality of the debate has degenerated and is an insult to the voting public. If Michael Bloomberg was to throw his hat in the ring as an independent to set things right, not sure what dynamics will emerge.

However, one thing is sure. Whoever finally becomes the president there is no guarantee that a new President could do any better unless the Congress cooperates.

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